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Marital Status
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Work Permit Application For
  • Joint Income Scheme
  • Sponsorship Scheme
  • No Income/Retiree Scheme
  • Direct Hire Scheme
Renewal Work Permit
  • Purchase Insurance/Security Bond
Renewal of FDW's Passport
Cancellation Of Work Permit
  • Assist to purchase comprehensive air ticket
  • Escorts maid to Airport/Harbour till immigration clearance
  • Obtain/Extend maid’s Special Pass
Transfering Current FDW
  • Lodging + Accommodation
  • Swift Transaction
  • Fast Transfering Rate
  • Employment contract
  • Service Agreement
  • Off days contract
  • High Rise windows cleaning agree
Counselling to FDW
  • Home Visit
  • Agency Premises
Other Services
  • Home Leave processing
  • Airline Ticketing
  • Repatriation of existing maid
  • 6th monthly medical check up
  • Lodgging service while employer go oversea
  • VISA application(Multiple entry) Malaysia, Thailand and more…