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Frequently Asked Question

You may find the questions and answers helpful in your process of employing a foregin domestic helper. If you concerns and question are not listed below, feel free to contact us through our contact us page. We will be more than happy to answer to your questions.
1.What is the definition of New, transfer & Ex-Spore maids?

For classification purposes, New Maid refers to Fresh maid who may or may not work in elsewhere and is usually inexperienced. Transfer maids refers to those who is currently in Spore waiting for redeployment, hence could be interview in person. Ex-Spore refers to those who worked in Spore before, she could be in Spore awaiting for transfer or not in Spore.

2.Why should I engage a maid agency?

A reliable agency could help you to facilitate the hiring process at ease. For instance, the helper suffer from serious homesickness, medical issue (HIV) or even pregnancy the agent is oblige to help.

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3.Can I hire a maid without going through a maid agency?

Yes. You need a Singpass to transact with MOM @

4.What are the approved source countries for maid to work in Spore?

They are : Bangladesh, Cambodia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Filipino, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan and Thailand.

5.What are the charges are there for employing a maid?

There are Agency Fee, Insurance and maid’s placement fee (loan) which is deductible from her salary every month. The agency should give you an itemized receipt or invoice on what is include in the Agency fee.

6.Why are there such huge discrepancies in Agency Fee charged by different agencies?

Normally the price is quite competitive between agencies, however some charged ridiculously low to attract employer, so you have to check what services they include in their packages.

7.What is the minimum income in order to qualify to hire a maid in Spore?

Your yearly gross income not less than $30K. For 2nd maid is $50K, and the residence should have sufficient space for everybody. For maximum occupancy ratio please check with HDB or MOM for advice.

8.What is the minimum wages for the maid?

It depends on the country they came from, some country requires the employer to pay minimum wage to their citizen who is working abroad. Example for Filipino is US$400, Indonesian is S$500. You can check with your agent for more information.

9.Can I pay the maid’s placement fee (loan) by installments?

No. This is because we are also paying COD to our various agency. Example, Air ticket, Medical Ctr, and training ctr (SIP course) for the maid etc…

10.What if the maid performance is unsatisfactory, will I be refunded?

Yes. You have to minimum complete hiring her for 1 month, the balance will be refund to you within 4 weeks. The Agency fee is not refundable. Please take note on the rehiring charges despite of free replacement.

11.What should we do if the maid went missing?

Stay calm, go to the nearest police station to lodge a report and inform your agent about it. If still no news after 3 days please contact MOM to cancel her permit. Please note that reporting of missing person require a stipulated 24hr of unknown whereabouts of that person.

12.If I decided to send the helper home during the loan period, will I entitle to the refund?

No. This is because we won’t be able to recover it from her.

13.If I agree to let the helper to seek reemployment in Spore, do I need to pay a service fee?

No. However you need to pay lodging fee during the stay with the agent, we charged $20 per day maximum 21 days, after which no fees charge.

14.What is Direct Hire?

It refers to employer who found a helper themselves and need the agent to facilitate the process. Usually the agency fee is higher because the maid has no placement fee to service.

15.When should I pay my FDW salary?

The normal practice here in Spore is you should pay your FDW salary on the date she start working with you. Example she start work on the 5th of Jan, you should pay her salary on the 4th of each calendar month starting on February and not later than 11 of February (7 days).

16.May I fully or partially save keep my FDW salary with her consent?

Not allow by Law

17.May I open a Bank joint account with my helper?

Not allow